RB Cigar Bar & Speakeasy

RB Cigar Bar & Speakeasy is a concept by Reclamation Brewing Company focusing on fine cigars and great spirits. We feature Pennsylvania spirits and wines, beers from Reclamation Brewing Company as well as other PA breweries, and fine cigars. 


Q: What beers do you have available?
A: We have five beers on tap from Reclamation Brewing Company. In addition, we have bottles and cans from some of your favorite Pennsylvania breweries.

Q: What spirits do you have available? Cocktails?
A: We feature several prohibition era signature cocktails. In addition, we feature many other spirits from across Pennsylvania, particularly some impressive whiskeys.

Q: Do you have wine?
A: Yes, we have wine from Pennsylvania as well.

Q: Do you have any other beverages?
A: We have locally produced craft sodas from Natrona Bottling Company (Red Ribbon and Jamaica’s Finest)

Q: What ages are welcome in the speakeasy?
A: Only patrons over the age of 21 will be permitted entry. This is a state law because we have smoking and no food menu.

Q: Do you serve food?
A: You are welcome to bring food from any establishment or even have it delivered.

Q: What types of cigars do have? How about _____ brand?
A: We have plenty of variety when it comes to our cigar selection, with over 60 facings to choose from. Additionally, if you’re willing to order a box and have a few days to spare, we’re able to get nearly anything you want and offer box discounts

Q: How do I join the cigar club?
A: See the “Memberships” section of the website.

Q: What are your hours.
A: Wednesday through Saturday from 4pm-11pm.

Q: Do you have televisions?
A: We have televisions, but they may not be turned on all the time. If there’s a special event or something the staff deems noteworthy, we’ll turn them on. Penguins games? Probably. Reruns of CSI: Miami? Definitely not. If you have a request, feel free to ask.

Q: Can I smoke cigarettes?
A: Yes, but be sure to ask your neighbors if they mind as we are a cigar bar and are predominantly focused on catering to cigar smoking customers.

Q: I can’t find you. Where are you located again?
A: We’re located in the lowest level of the Cornerstone Commons building where Butler’s Grand Ballroom and Butler Penne are located. You can enter on Main Street and use the elevator, or enter through our entrance on East Cunningham Street. If you see signs on the door that says we’ve been shut down for violating prohibition laws, come on in.